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Matt Harmon takes a look at your football resolution from this fantasy football season.

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MATT HARMON: For the first time ever, we actually advance tested one of our questions. We sent a scout out to go test it last week. Let's take a look.

- Hi. Football aside, sorry, but I'm doing a story about New Year's resolutions. And I was just wondering if you had any you wanted to share with your fans and our readers.

BILL BELICHICK: Yeah, no, not right now.

- OK, thanks.

BILL BELICHICK: Maybe next week.

MATT HARMON: Well, Bill, welcome to next week.


Bring it on in. It's week 17. I'll admit, it feels a little weird to be saying week 17, blah, blah, blah, this extra week. It's throwing me off a little bit. But week 17 is not what's important here. What's important is it's the dawn of a new year, and it's the time of the year when everybody's coming out with these resolutions to try to make themselves a better person. Spoiler alert, that's probably not gonna work. You're probably not gonna become a better person, but we can help you at least try to become a better fantasy football player with some resolutions.

So that's what we ask you people, the people, my people. What is your resolution for fantasy football in 2022 and going forward? Let's get right into it, starting with this one. And, yes, this is absolutely true. I feel like we talked about this a few weeks ago, right? Some of you are out there just tinkering, tinkering, tinkering, tinkering, tinkering, making all of these moves, and you end up making a ton of crucial mistakes. I mean, the amount of times I see people just dropping very useful, good players that are getting volume for the latest dork off the waiver wire, that is how you make mistakes.

I know some of you out there are just filtering for the waiver wire players who scored the most touchdowns last week. Bring me them. Bring me the fantasy points there. Well, that doesn't always work out. Sometimes, you end up picking up some goofball number three, number four receiver, some backup tight end that just happened to score a touchdown. We're not doing that anymore. We're sticking with process. We're sticking with volume. We're sticking with guys that are legitimately getting good usage. We're not just tinkering the roster just for the sake of it. That is how you end up making some crucial mistakes.

Now this-- I don't know how long I'm gonna be able to look at this. Anyways, do you listen to experts or do you trust your gut? OK, well, for one, it's 2022. Are we still using the word expert? I mean, get out of here with the word expert, right? If somebody is out there being like, I am the fantasy expert, that person's a clown. You can go ahead and stop listening to them.

But do you trust your gut or do you listen to, let's say, analysts, writers, people that are in the business, people like me? I think about football 24/7/365. That's my job. That's all I think about. That's the only difference between me and you. You know, it's not as if Kevin Stefanski is gonna get me up on the blower on Sunday morning and be like, hey, Matt, just as a heads up-- and you can let people know this-- I'm gonna give Nick Chubb 18 carries and I'm gonna give Kareem Hunt 15 today. No, that doesn't happen.

I'm just trying to spot trends and figure it out, just like you are out there. So you know what I tell people all the time, I'm gonna give you advice, but if you disagree, if you think you've got to start the other player, not the guy that I said, go with that. Because it feels so much better to go down with your own thought process and the way that you thought things were gonna happen rather than just like, oh, I listened to Matt Harmon, and this screwed me over. So if your gut, you got a good feeling there, go with that, OK? That's perfectly reasonable. You might as well be right.

And here's a perfect example of where analysts, people like me, were so, so, so wrong this year. We were all excited about the prospects here in 2021, this rookie quarterback class. You know, we were all out there-- and, look, those guys might be good. But we were all out there like, you got to draft Justin Fields and Trey Lance and Trevor Lawrence as your QB2 in best ball or superflex, as Trevor mentions here. Well, that didn't really work out for you. Actually, that was probably one of the worst mistakes you could have made here in 2021.

It was a disaster. I mean, Trevor Lawrence, the golden boy of them all, has barely been usable. And with the Bears and with the 49ers-- frankly, I don't know if the resolution is to not draft rookie quarterbacks. I actually think it might be listen to coaches when they tell you something. You know, Matt Nagy saying I'm gonna start Andy Dalton over Justin Fields, you might think that's stupid. It was stupid. You might think that was wrong. It was wrong. But that was what he was gonna do.

Same with the 49ers and Jimmy G. They were gonna play Jimmy G all year. Hey, buddy, they've played Jimmy G all year. So sometimes we got to listen to these coaches, even if we don't like what we're hearing. We got to know that that's how things are gonna play out because they are still the ones pulling the controls.

This one here about trades is also crucial. And you know what, it kind of comes back to what we were talking about up at the top, right? Some of you are just out there tinkering, tinkering, tinkering, tinkering. Like I got to trade these three guys for these two guys, and this one guy for this one guy, because this one guy hasn't been doing it for me. Well, you know, sometimes you got to be patient and let the roster marinate a little bit. I know it seems stupid because this is fake, none of this is real, right?

But sometimes you got to let the team develop. Because a guy might be going through a slump right now, and then you sell him too low, and then you get banged later on. So I actually think the biggest takeaway here is what you say about thinking carefully and not, in my opinion, thinking so emotionally about these things. We get all caught up in our feelings. We get all caught up in the way we're reacting emotionally to these things. And that is a crucial way that you end up making mistakes.

Now it's time for the worst tweet of the week, and sometimes I'll admit I don't really hate these responses. I absolutely hate this response here. Your resolution is to not play next year. Oh, why? See, this as like this quitting culture we've got right now. I'm gonna stop playing because it was too hard for me. Oh, you had a bad season in 2021? Oh, it was frustrating for you so your solution is to be like Stanley here and just get up out of here, like just quit on this whole thing?

That's ridiculous. That's embarrassing. When did that become the answer? It was getting hard, so you just went ahead and quit. That seems stupid to me. You know, I think when you get adversity, like you have a tough season, you look it in the face, you look adversity right in the face and you say, hey, not today, adversity. You might have got me this year, but I'm gonna come back and get you next year. I'm gonna be a better player and win in 2022.

And that is the way we're gonna leave it today. Because I will admit 2021, the season that was, there were some really frustrating parts, OK? A lot of things didn't go to plan. There were some really unpredictable stuff, lots of injuries. Especially the ending here these last few weeks for fantasy have been very frustrating and hard to deal with, but that's just life. That stuff happens sometimes.

That doesn't mean that we sit here and quit. That doesn't mean that we sit here and cry about the way things didn't work out for us. As a matter of fact, what we're gonna do is we're gonna do exactly what I just said. We're gonna look adversity in the face. We're gonna say, nope, next year I'm gonna get the best of you. Hey, 2022, that's your year, it's my year, it's all of our years in fantasy. Let's go get this thing.

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