What's your favourite mango?

It's mango season, and many grocery stores have boxes of the tropical fruit piled high in their produce departments.

While some see the fruit as just another option to throw into a smoothie, others take their mangoes — and the different varieties of them — far more seriously.

Saalem Humayun, who works at CBC Ottawa in the archives department, was giddy when he got word that cases of mangoes from his native Pakistan were arriving in Ottawa and picked up a few boxes over the weekend.

"I just remember an abundance of mangoes, and learning how to eat them and not really caring about getting sticky," Humayun said, thinking back to his time in Pakistan in 1986.

"It's just deliciously, deliciously sticky fruit,"

Robert Parungao says mangoes are in his Filipino DNA, thanks to his grandmother.

"Coming home from school she would be cutting these mangoes … It would be the treat that my brother and I would get to have when we would come back home from school," he said on CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning.

"There's a magic in this specific time of year when you get the fresh mangoes, and you're grabbing that as hard and as fast as you can because you know it's gone very quickly."

So which variety is best?

For Humayun, mangoes grown in Pakistan stand alone.

Kristy Nease/CBC

And for Parungao, the Filipino mango is the best — but he couldn't find any for a taste test in our studio, so he brought Mexican produce instead.

Humayun wasn't impressed.

"We look at the Mexican ones that are kind of big, and it's like, 'Well, I can [use] those to shore up the dirt in the garden, but I'd never eat them,'" he said.

"Nothing against Mexican mangoes as a national fruit, but they just have no flavour, they have no scent, they're hard. We don't even puree them for milkshakes. We don't touch them."

Kristy Nease/CBC

Parungao hopes people enjoy the fleeting season.

"It's just fun and exciting to take something you love, and was so important to you your entire life, and is the thing that you go to when you're stressed out and exhausted to bring yourself energy and joy again, to take that thing and to give it to everybody around you. There's nothing like doing that."

Which variety do you like best?

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