What's Going on Here? Packages can now be picked up at an Amazon Locker in Barrie

·1 min read

Instead of delivering a package to your home or business address, you can use an Amazon Locker located at the Tim Hortons on Hart Drive near Dunlop Street in Barrie.


• You can pick up your package at a time that's convenient for you and avoid porch pirates.

• Once your package is delivered to the Amazon Locker, you'll receive an email notification with a unique pickup code that includes the address and opening times for your selected locker location.

• When you arrive to collect your package, enter your pickup code or scan the bar code using the scanner and follow the instructions on the screen.

• All packages delivered to Amazon Locker locations must be picked up within three business days. If you're not able to collect your package within this time frame, the package will be returned to Amazon for a refund.

• Once you have selected an Amazon Locker location for delivery, you'll have an opportunity to request a lower locker slot (between 15 and 48 inches from the ground) during checkout.

Rick Vanderlinde, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Barrie Advance