What's with Winnipeggers losing loot? Police search for owner of cash bundle

Windsor police say local fraud victims eligible for Western Union refund

Someone's a little clumsy with their cash.

A large sum of money was recently located in the north part of Winnipeg and turned over to the police, who are now trying to find the rightful owner.

Winnipeg police won't say exactly how much money was found, but say it is significant.

Const. Rob Carver wouldn't provide additional details about the find, saying whoever comes forward to claim the cash will need to provide some of that information.

"Details of when, where, specifics as to amounts, the way it would have been put together, those are all relevant in terms of potentially determining ownership," said Carver.

He added police may ask additional questions about how the owner acquired the money.

"Whether you've removed it from a financial institution, whether you've accumulated it over a series of years. Investigations can determine whether or not that story holds water," he said.

It's the second time this year that police have put out a request like that.

In January, thousands of dollars were found in the south part of the city. A member of the public came across the cash and turned it in.

Carver said the two incidents do not appear to be related.

The deadline is looming for someone to claim that dough, though. If no one comes forward by March 15, the police service will determine what to do with it.

As for the most recent bounty, the deadline is April 11. Whoever does come forward will need to verify ownership, police said.

Anyone with information about who the money might belong to is asked to contact police at 204-986-6048.