‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant's hilarious wrong answer has fans in stitches

On Thursday’s Wheel of Fortune, contestant Melanie Fisher from Northern California was off to a pretty strong start, solving the first puzzle of the day with relative ease. But not long after telling host Pat Sajak that she graduated from college in just three years while maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA, she made a bit of a goof.

While trying to solve a puzzle which read, “_ _ L _ Y G O O _ F E L L O W” on the board, Fisher hit her buzzer and incorrectly said, “Jolly goof fellow.”

While fellow contestant J.R. Browning was quick to chime in with the correct answer, “Jolly good fellow,” viewers on Twitter were quick to have a nice laugh over Fisher’s guess.

Ultimately it was Melanie who got the last laugh at the end of the night since she ended up making it all the way to the final puzzle. And while she didn’t get the last puzzle correct, she still walked away over $20,000 richer. Not a bad little goof up.

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