‘Wheel of Fortune’ fans call out show over rule gaffe

The “Wheel of Fortune” rule book caused quite a kerfuffle on Thursday. Fans usually call out the show for being too stringent, particularly with the “and” rule on crossword puzzles which have cost several players the game. But this time, fans were upset because a rule wasn’t enforced.

When contestant Steven Page answered the final puzzle, “quality craftsmanship,” he did not appear to pronounce the “s” in “craftsmanship.” Fans immediately took to Twitter to point out the mistake.

While some viewers celebrated Page’s victory, many viewers thought the other contestants deserved the money and the win. One person tweeted, “Wheel of Fortune just cheated a lady out of a spot in the bonus round by counting as correct, a mispronounced answer. If you can't add an "and" to a crossword, you can't pronounce it wrong and get credit.”

Even though many viewers were outraged by the mispronunciation going unnoticed on the show, the other contestants seemed to have a good time and still went home with some cash.

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