'Wheel of Fortune' fans enraged after contestant buys pointless vowel

A contestant by the name of Lisa upset Wheel of Fortune fans when she purchased an unnecessary vowel, Wednesday. Fans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure over the misstep in Wheel of Fortune etiquette.

Despite having "Pepper_ni Pineapple Pi__a" on the board, and already having spun and correctly guessing "R," Lisa opted to by the vowel "O." Then, after wasting $250 she immediately solved the puzzle, "Pepperoni Pineapple Pizza."

Of course there is an "O." That is unless part of the answer is "Pepperuni?"

Frustrated by the Lisa's aptitude for the game, many fans took to Twitter. And their frustration only grew after a series of bankruptcies by the other contestants helped fuel a victory for the maligned contestant.

Ultimately Lisa won car, despite losing the respect of Wheel of Fortune fans.