‘Whew’: Sofia Vergara almost breaks the Internet with this throwback snap from Miami

Sofia Vergara never forgets Miami, and we appreciate her for that. We can’t forget her either.

That’s because every now and again, the “Modern Family” star posts throwback pictures of her time here in her 20s when she was working as a model and TV hostess.

On Thursday, to promote a new product from her beauty line Toty, the 51-year-old Colombiana showed her followers a racy snap taken from behind. In the photo, she is on a beach staring at the ocean, wearing just a white G-string, silver beads and a painful looking sunburn.

We won’t show the post in its entirety here as this is a family publication, but you can find it yourself when you get off of work.

Sofia Vergara/Instagram screenshot
Sofia Vergara/Instagram screenshot

“The reason why I’m religious now about using Transforma at 51,” said her caption, referring to Toty’s Transforma AHA Serum. “All those years of unprotected sun in the 90s!!!”

We’re 100 percent sure that sales immediately spiked for that $79 goop judging by her fans’ reactions in the comments section:

“Then and now she’s still looking amazing AF! Whew.”

“You’re going to break the Internet! THANK YOU!!!”

“No words.”