White City council adjusts travel allowances

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White City town council deferred a decision during it’s Oct. 19 meeting to revise council indemnities until after the Nov. 9 municipal election. But they did approve an amended mileage, travel and meals allowance that will allow them to use Canada Revenue Agency’s travel rates of 59 cents per kilometre.

The total impact of this change to this year’s municipal budget is $456.71.

In a public briefing note to council, finance clerk Nadine Horvath wrote the intent of the mileage guideline is to ensure neither employee or employer receive benefit, as either case results in someone paying additional taxes to Canada Revenue Agency. By tying the rate paid by the Town of White City to CRA’s own mileage rate, the goal remains keeping the mileage paid out a non-taxable benefit.

Adjustments to councillors would not affect meal allowances already paid out, as the difference, “if any, would be negligible.”

Previously, the rates paid to Government of Saskatchewan employees were considered the standard for White City travel and meal allowances, but those differed from the CRA’s rates.

Keith Borkowsky, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Quad Town Forum