White Man Asks Black Woman, Daughter if They've Showered Before Entering Hotel Pool

A mother took to Facebook to allege an incident of racism at a hotel pool at The Westin Pasadena in Pasadena, California, on June 11.

In the post, Carle Wheeler wrote, “The man asked if me and my little girl had showered before getting into the pool because people carry diseases into the pools and he doesn’t want the health department to shut the pool down.”

Wheeler alleged that the man approached the pair a second time, claiming to work for the health department before hotel personnel arrived on the scene.

“The Westin Pasadena strives to provide a welcoming environment to all individuals. Harassment on any basis is not tolerated. We are continuing to investigate this serious matter and deeply regret that one of our guests experienced this type of behavior,” the hotel said in a statement to Pasadena Star News.

At the time of writing the video had been watched over three million times and had been shared over 34,000 times on Facebook. Credit: Carle Wheeler via Storyful