White Sox allow hilarious walk-off as outfielder gets hit by Albert Pujols flyball

Here’s how it will go down on the official record: The Los Angeles Angels beat the Chicago White Sox by the score of 7-6 in 11 innings Tuesday night. Albert Pujols had a walk-off single to center field to seal the win.

But here’s what actually happened: The White Sox allowed a hilarious walk-off to the Angels when center fielder Leury Garcia got turned around on Pujols’ fly ball. It literally hit him in center field. He fell down. And the winning run raced home to score.

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I mean, just stare at this GIF of Garcia in amazement for like five minutes:

Two things that need to said here:

1. If it’s wrong to think that play is funny, we don’t ever want to be right.

2. Ben Revere was on third base, so even if Garcia had caught the ball, the White Sox were likely still going to lose. So the misplay here didn’t actually cost them the game, but let’s circle back to Point No. 1 — it’s much more entertaining than a sac fly.

It should also be on the record that this was an odd game long before the ball hit Garcia in the shoulder. The White Sox actually scored two runs on a broken-bat infield hit by Todd Frazier to tie it up in the ninth. In another game, it might have easily been an out. In this one? Nope.

The White Sox then went ahead in the top of the 11th when Tim Anderson homered, but they gave the run back in the bottom of the inning as Cameron Maybin hit a fly ball to left and Melky Cabrera fell down before he even got close to it. The tying run scored on that play and Pujols’ game-winner would come two batters later.

The White Sox are going to lose some games this year. This was their 20th. But even if they lose 100, it’ll be tough for them to lose one in more hilarious fashion than this.

Leury Garcia turned a sac fly into a hilarious loss for the White Sox. Thanks, Leury. (MLB.tv)

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