Whitehorse cops issue $9K in distracted-driving tickets over lunch

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Whitehorse residents may be used to paying a higher-than-average price for their lunch, but Thursday's lunch hour was something else entirely.

Over the course of the lunchtime "rush hour" in Whitehorse, RCMP issued $9,000 in distracted-driving tickets to drivers using their cellphones on Fourth Avenue alone.

At $500 a ticket, that means 18 drivers were ticketed over the course of the lunch rush.

"It may seem low-risk to check your phone for a few seconds during your commute, but a lot can happen in a short amount of time," reads the RCMP release on the lunch-hour sting.

"According to CAA, spending just five seconds responding to a text while driving 90 km/h means you've travelled the length of a football field distracted."

With the Fourth Avenue speed limit set at 50 kilometres per hour, it's more like 70 metres — or about the wingspan of a jumbo jet.

"Imagine if the car in front of you was to swerve into your lane or an animal was to jump into the road and you didn't notice," the news release reads. "In an emergency, every second counts."