Please self-isolate yourself if you're supposed to, urges Whitehorse grocery store manager

A Whitehorse grocery store manager says she wants customers to respect what health officials are urging amid rising numbers of COVID-19 infections: self-isolate yourself if you're supposed to.

"We're just, kind of, I guess amazed by the amount of people who are still coming in the store talking about the [self-isolation] they're supposed to be on. Lots of people coming straight, even, from the airport after holidays and things like that," said Ella Commons, a manager at Riverside Grocery.

On Saturday, she posted a message on the store's Facebook page asking people to stay home if possible and to think about others.

The Yukon government says, among other groups and restrictions, people who travelled internationally in the last 14 days have to self-isolate themselves.

"Anyone who has symptoms, including cough, fever or difficulty breathing, must also self-isolate," reads part of the Yukon government's website about COVID-19.

The Government of Canada's website says people should get groceries delivered if they're self-isolating.

Steve Silva/CBC

Commons said many customers are taking it seriously, but a minority of customers are joking about the situation.

"I think it makes them quite nervous," Commons said, referencing the store's staff members.

She described the situation as "strange" because the store's employees, who can interact with hundreds of people a day, are taking the situation seriously.

"Pretty much, one person is kind of walking around cleaning everything at all times," Commons said.

Steve Silva/CBC

She also said if only a few employees get infected, it could have a big impact because the store, already relatively small compared to other grocery stores in Whitehorse, has fewer employees during the winter.

"Think about the entire community before you choose your actions," Commons said.

Like elsewhere and among other options, the store offers delivery and the option to order ahead for an employee to leave purchases outside when customers arrive.