Whitestone’s grant applications within the 2021 municipal budget

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The Municipality of Whitestone listed 11 grant applications in its 2021 draft budget.

Some the projects included are the Whitestone nursing station expansion, online fire permitting and fire department training and invasive species training/education.

Let’s look at what grants the municipality has applied to and what projects the potential funding would apply to.

1. Investing in Canadian Infrastructure Project — COVID-19 fund would see $100,000 go toward the Whitestone nursing station expansion.

2. The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation grant would see $500,000 go toward the Whitestone nursing station expansion.

3. The AgriSpirit Fund grant would see $25,000 go toward the nursing station expansion project.

4. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities grant would see $27,000 go toward asset management.

5. The fire safety grant will see $4,800 go toward an online fire permitting system and fire department training.

6. The invasive species micro grant will see $1,000 go toward invasive species training and education.

7. The modernization grant would see $60,500 go toward cyber security, a new phone system and building permit software.

8. The Province of Ontario may provide $8,960 to go toward funding summer student jobs within the municipality.

9. The heritage fund will see $800 for fireworks.

10. The Trillium fund would see $52,500 go toward furniture and fixtures for the newly expanded Whitestone Library and Technology Centre.

11. The healthy communities grant could see $45,000 to put toward an accessibility path and sunshade in Dunchurch.

Other capital projects included in the 2021 draft budget for Whitestone include renovations for the municipal offices, which will cost approximately $700,000; roads and bridges projects, which will cost approximately $459,000; and water system improvements estimated at $25,000.

Sarah Cooke’s reporting is funded by the Canadian government through its Local Journalism Initiative.

Sarah Cooke, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, muskokaregion.com