Whitestone to hold public meeting on proposed West Parry Sound Wellness Centre and Pool project

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Whitestone is holding a public meeting on the West Parry Sound Wellness Centre and Pool project on March 25 at 6:30 p.m.

Asked if this public meeting will result in a decision being made on Whitestone’s involvement with the proposed pool and wellness centre project, Mayor George Comrie replied that he expected there will be.

“The way it’s going to work is the first part of the meeting, members of the public can ask questions or speak about it for a short period of time and the councillors will be able to respond,” said Comrie.

“Then we will go into a regular council meeting and councillors will debate the issue amongst themselves and pass a motion of some sort.”

If there isn’t enough time to complete the second portion of the special meeting, Comrie said the vote would take place at the budget meeting set for March 29.

Whitetsone’s councillor Joe McEwen said council is hoping to come to a decision at the March 25 meeting.

“I’m hoping for some new information and not just a complete re-hash of what we’ve heard,” said McEwen.

The topic of the proposed West Parry Sound Wellness Centre and Pool project has been much-debated on Facebook pages such as Whitestone Community Chat since late 2020.

“There’s been a lot of comments on this for a long time now and I’ve certainly heard from both sides,” said McEwen.

The vote on whether Whitestone will support the project will be an ordinary vote of council.

“It’s very simple in our case because we have five councillors so a motion to support the project would require three votes,” said Comrie.

Details providing the Zoom meeting information will be posted on the municipality’s website at whitestone.ca.

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