Why Colorado's black market for marijuana is booming 4 years after legalization

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    Price & convenience are the most important factors--(in all honesty) That is why there are still bootleggers & moonshiners-
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    Canada B.C. one ounce of very high grade pot if you know where to buy it is $125 to $140 or $4.46 to $5 a gram not $10 they are going to lose and lose big. I,m betting the dealers are going to go even lower just to make sure the government is out
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    $3.5 million in 8 houses? that's $437,500 of dope per house. I.m guessing more than 19 plants each, unless they were really large plants eh?
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    I was wondering the winery's have wine and cheese party's, I wonder if the pot stores will have a weed and Doritos party.
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    Of course the black market is alive and well thanks to Government greed. Over tax any commodity and there will be a black market. I should think any Government would have learned that lesson from alcohol prohibition days. Too many factions fighting over large perceived profits.
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    I hope the Federal and Provincial governments of Canada read this article and heed it as a warning. Learn from the Colorado situation.
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    My dealer doesn't pay taxes and provide door to door services.
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    The provincial governments ate building million dollar stores in the hopes of milking the consumer, i still think they will lose money on pot!
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    Same thing is going to happen in canada.So the libliers won't get a penny out of the pot tax.LOL
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    Kakee Swinseen
    going to be booming in Canada too.the illegal dealers have like a 30 year head start unfortunately..aliot of people making tax free very easily by dealing. they will be undercutting store prices as well.thats pretty much a guarantee I would assume..