'Why do people call you KD?': Kevin Durant isn't having David Letterman's media day antics

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"Um?" is right. 

NBA teams marked the end of the offseason with the annual media day, an activity that ranges from informative to plain goofy. Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant was faced with latter, which seems rather unfair for first thing on a Monday morning. 

David Letterman, the former late-night host, had a pressing question to start Durant off with and it seems realistic he's never faced this particular inquiry before. 

"KD. Why do people call you KD?" Letterman asked in a clip that quickly spread around Twitter. 

Durant at first could only respond with an "um" and utter silence.

β€œMy first name is Kevin, with a K and my last name is Durant, with a D,” Durant said, as simply and seriously as ever. 

Letterman continued by asking what percentage Durant plans to give this season: "90? 95? 100? 110? What are we looking at?" 

Most people recognized the host's voice and found the moment to be funny. Others ripped what they believed to be a real reporter for asking such self-explanatory question. It was a jarring generational divide in the Twitter replies, but not to fret, the longtime household voice is always down to introduce himself. 

The antics kept on with Letterman asking if Durant would consider playing for the Knicks on off days and if playing the Pelicans makes him giggle. Durant, again, was not impressed.

Letterman was in fact at Barclays Center for the annual event. However, Durant's teammate Kyrie Irving was not.

Letterman introduced himself as with Basketball Digest, a real magazine founded in 1977 that ceased production in the early 2000s.

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant was not having David Letterman's comedic questions at 2021 media day. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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