Why does Jimmy Johnson think of the Dallas Cowboys’ loss of Trevon Diggs? His response was surprising

Former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson had a surprising response when he was asked on the ‘FOX NFL Kickoff’ show on Sunday how the loss of injured defensive back Trevon Diggs will impact the Cowboys the rest of the season.

“I don’t want to downplay it because he is a great player,” Johnson said. “But, he gave up a lot of plays, too. He made a bunch of interceptions.”

“I think they will be fine. Micah Parsons is the guy. As long as Micah Parsons is on the defense, they’ll be fine.”

Former NFL player Charles Woodson agreed with Johnson’s assessment.

“I am thinking the same thing,” Woodson said. “For those guys in the back end. Before Trevon Diggs got hurt, the ball had to come out in 2.1 seconds, it still has to come out in 2.1 seconds because you have Micah Parsons and the rest of this defensive line and that front seven that can get to the quarterbacks. They don’t have to change very much. Those DBs (defensive backs) just be ready for the ball to come out.

“The only place that there is a fall off is when the ball is in the air downfield because he (Diggs) plays the ball so well when it is in the air. I’m talking if that ball has to come out, it still going to have to come out because the D-line.”