What and Why: By-Elections

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What is a by-election and why is Churchbridge going back to the polls?

An election is a way people can choose their candidate or their preferences in a representative democracy or other forms of government. There are different ways to organize an election in different countries. Voters might vote for an individual, or they might vote for a political party.

A by-election is an election held in a single political constituency to fill a vacancy arising during a government's term of office.

This by-election will entail residents to vote for the body they wish to govern them. A by-election happens when one of those chosen representatives have, for whatever reason, left the position they were elected for.

With the recent municipal election held late last year, all of the towns in the area had to have individuals choose to run for the positions on the town council. Some towns only had enough council nominees to fill the seats required meaning the council was filled by acclamation; while the rest were to the polls and the ratepayers voted in the individuals they felt would best represent their prospective communities.

Shortly after the election process, the Town of Churchbridge received notice that one of the elected officials desired to step down and relinquish his position as a council member.

Councillor Ralph Soltys informed the council of his desire to relinquish his position on the town council.

Attempts to contact Soltys for his statement failed prior to publication, meaning the reason for his departure is unknown formally in public at this moment.

In the next few months, the residents of Churchbridge will be returning to the polls to elect a replacement in a by-election now.

Information regarding who is running and their platform for being elected to the town council will be presented in the future, prior to the election.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal