Why is everyone saying ‘It’s a chicken salad’ on TikTok?

A woman accidentally became the spokesperson for a local Cleveland deli, thanks to her viral commentary.

Nisha Godfrey stopped by East 81st St. Deli one day. She had been there before, but it was a hot day, and she didn’t want anything too heavy. Godfrey decided to try the chicken salad for the first time. The deli’s owner, Wael Herbawi, made a quick TikTok of the order. Over 18 million views later, the rest is history.

In the clip, Herbawi prompted her to describe what she was eating.

“Y’all better come up here and get one of these… It’s a chicken salad,” Godfrey said. “I got chicken, pickles, banana peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions…”

For some reason, the sound of Godfrey’s voice seemed to speak to TikTok.

“Why does she advertise it so well?!” a user wrote.

“Her saying chicken salad is like, that feeling you get when you clean your ears out w q tips. Her voice hit just right for me,” another said.

“The way she said it make me wanna buy one,” a person commented.

Godfrey’s review really helped boost business. Herbawi told Bon Appetit he usually sells 30 chicken salads a day, but after the viral video, he sold 980 in a day.

Since the video “business has skyrocketed,” with people traveling from across the country to try it. Meanwhile, Godfrey has continued reviewing businesses on her TikTok.

TikTokers are now using the sound, which currently has over 94,000 videos associated with it, to share their yummy eats.

“My nephew trying to convince me to eat one of his Cheeto puffs,” @leilanicapalot_ joked in a video.

“When I don’t get enough protein intake for the day so I just pick up a whole rotisserie from Publix,” @leeskee94 said, literally eating a whole rotisserie chicken.

Lizzo showed off her vegan sandwich from Oh My Soul in North Carolina.

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