Why is Healthcare Market Segmentation Becoming the ‘New Normal’? | Infiniti’s Research Experts Provide In-Depth Market Insights

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Key Benefits of Healthcare Market Segmentation (Graphic: Business Wire)

Market segmentation is becoming a crucial approach for healthcare providers as the industry shifts focus to patient-centric care. Market segmentation is used to group customers into diverse groups based on similarities, to further analyze each group and identify key factors affecting their behavior. Awareness of consumer preferences Is necessary to support consumer engagement in healthcare. Market segmentation provides insights into the behavior of consumers. However, to effectively implement healthcare market segmentation, it is important to understand the key benefits. Infiniti’s industry experts state three key benefits of market segmentation in this article.

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"Healthcare market segmentation is a relatively new concept. It provides insights into the behavior of healthcare consumers in an environment where healthcare is moving rapidly towards patient-centered care which is premised on individuals becoming more active participants in managing their healthcare plans," says a healthcare industry expert at Infiniti Research.

Healthcare Market Segmentation is an important step towards patient centered treatment in the evolving healthcare industry. Infiniti’s research experts outlines the key benefits to market segmentation:

  • Learning information that sets patients apart, in terms of behaviour and attitues, is one of the best ways to improve communication and care provided.

  • Deliver the right message to the right group can help improve the results of healthcare marketing immensely.

  • Learning area or neihbourhood specific details can help efficiently distribute services and providers.

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