Why John Oliver paid $7,000 for Russell Crowe's old jockstrap

On Last Week Tonight With John Oliver it was revealed that the show paid $7,000 for the leather jockstrap Russell Crowe wore in the film Cinderella Man. Oliver reluctantly admitted to spending 10 times the auction house's estimate for the leather support garment.

The jockstrap was purchased from Crowe's Art of Divorce auction, along with some chair backs from American Gangster, a vest from Les Miserables, a hood from Robin Hood, and of course the rest of Russell Crowe's Cinderella Man fighting attire.

Oliver revealed he bought all the memorabilia to send to one of the last remaining Blockbuster video rental stores in hopes that it would help attract business, and keep the store open.

Oliver made a plea at the end of the show saying, "To the manager of the only remaining Blockbuster in Anchorage, Alaska, at 5600 Debarr Road, number five, all of this s*** is yours. Just call us in the next 48 hours, and we will send it to you."

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