Why are people freaking out over the ‘pink and green’ TikTok trend? ‘They’re everywhere!’

A “pink and green” TikTok trend has users going crazy when they see pink and green objects placed close together in their surroundings.

The trend (also known as the #cosmoandwanda trend or the #fairlyoddparentschallenge) began in mid-May. The trend consists of people recording pink and green objects over The Fairly OddParents’ theme song.

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This TikTok posted by @kamillamoss is just one example of the silly trend.

“Wanda and Cosmo be everywhere,” Kamilla (@kamillamoss) wrote in the caption.

For TikTokers unfamiliar with the American cartoon, the joke seems to go over their heads. What exactly is the relevance of The Fairly OddParents to the TikTok challenge? Who are Cosmo and Wanda?

“Anyone else not understand this trend?” someone commented.

“It’s from an old TV show! Watch the original video of the sound,” Kamilla explained.

What is The Fairly OddParents about?

The Fairly OddParents was a children’s cartoon produced by Nickelodeon. The plot centers around the adventures of a boy named Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, who grant his every wish.

The “pink and green” TikTok trend acts as an inside joke for fans of the cartoon. Throughout the show, Cosmo and Wanda must hide their fairy identities from humans; if they don’t, they can no longer be Timmy’s fairy godparents. So Cosmo and Wanda disguise themselves as mundane objects to remain in Timmy’s life. Cosmo always shape-shifts into a green object, and Wanda shape-shifts into a pink object.

What is the “pink and green” trend on TikTok?

TikTokers who grew up on The Fairly OddParents are having a ball as they search for signs of Cosmo and Wanda in real life – they’re not as slick as they think they are!

“They really think we don’t know,” someone commented.

This video posted by @karlyells shows more instances of Cosmo and Wanda hiding in plain sight.

“They’re everywhere,” a TikToker said.

However, this TikTok posted by Jordan Webb (@jordan.webbx) shows a flaw in the logic behind many of the videos posted within the trend.

“Clearly, no one actually watched this show because Wanda and Cosmo were always disguised as THE SAME THING,” Webb wrote.

Other fans of The Fairly OddParents disagreed with Webb’s argument.

“I have to nitpick this and say that there’s an episode where Cosmo was a pencil and Wanda was a pen,” a TikToker said.

“Nah, don’t gaslight me. They would sometimes also be different but still [be] things that go together,” another wrote.

“OK, OK, you guys are right. They aren’t always the same thing, but they always match at least,” Webb responded.

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