Why the Raptors signed Jeff Dowtin Jr.

Amit Mann discusses why the Raptors made the right call signing Jeff Dowtin Jr. and the state of the roster as several players compete for only a few spots. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Raptors content.

Video Transcript

AMIT MANN: The Toronto Raptors have signed Jeff Dowtin Jr. to a two-way contract for the 2022-2023 season. And I am pumped about it. Why? Well, I'm gonna tell you. But first, I've got to get you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Raptors content is in our DNA. We will be here all offseason, all next season, all playoffs. So do pull up, stay a while.

In his four summer league games with the Toronto Raptors, Jeff Dowtin Jr. was really impressive. 16 points, 57% from the field, 36% from three, four rebounds, four assists, 0.5 turnovers. The Raptors already had their eye on Jeff Dowtin heading into summer league. Nick Nurse even said it, that they were keeping a close eye on his play and what he's going to be able to do on the court. He was starting game one. And then from there, he was truly their summer league MVP.

I'm actually surprised that he didn't get an NBA contract offer. I thought that might have been something that was going to be coming his way. That did not work out. But in summer league, crazy impressive, man. He was doing it all for the Raptors. In close games, he was their closer. Against the Utah Jazz, he was getting buckets on Bruno Caboclo. He was the person that brought that ship home.

- Change his speed. Got it to go.

AMIT MANN: When it came to their halfcourt offense, he was their best pick and roll ball handler, passer, and driver. He was making things happen for his players and for himself. And when it came to his isolation scoring, bigs, other guards, it didn't matter. He was showing off his downhill speed, which is NBA ready, and an ability to finish around the rim that is pretty impressive for someone who's only 6' 3".

The Raptors really do value winning the possession battle. And Jeff is such a calm, cool, collected decision maker on the court, and he doesn't turn the ball over. Like I said, he's got an impressive feel for the game on both sides. And while he may not be a flashy passer, his vision, his quick thinking, his timing, it's all spot on. That's going to make him a really reliable player in the halfcourt. He'll pass if he needs to or he'll self create. He takes what the defense gives him. And that's what Nick Nurse loves, read, react, and execute.

So the Raptors have now filled both of their two-way spots, Ron Harper Jr. and Jeff Dowtin Jr. What happens with David Johnson remains to be seen. But those guys are going to be in those two-way spots. And they're eligible to playing 50 games with the Raptors, and they are not eligible to play in the playoffs.

As for the main roster, 15 spots, 12 are spoken for. One of the remaining three spots is going to go to Christian Koloko. So that means Armoni Brooks, Dalano Banton, Justin Champagnie, and DJ Wilson are going to be competing for those final two spots. Of course, there could be some more roster movement with the Raptors, cuts, trades, and what have you, but that's where we're at at this very second.

In other news, the Raptors 905 named that Eric Corey will be their new head coach. He is the youngest coach in Raptors 905 franchise history. He is 33 years old. Holy smokes. He's taking over for Patrick Mutombo, who is now with the Phoenix Suns organization. He joined Monty Williams coaching staff.

So overall, congrats here, Corey. Congrats to Patrick Mutombo. And congrats to Jeff Dowtin Jr. for getting it done in summer league and earning himself an NBA contract.

My name is Amit Mann. Follow me on Twitter, @amit_mann. And subscribe to our YouTube channel. Of course, we'll talk to you next time.

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