Why the stars of 'Top Gun: Maverick' won't stop showing off their crazy abs

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Miles Teller showcased his washboard abs in
Miles Teller, pictured here on the red carpet, showcased his washboard abs in "Top Gun: Maverick" and fans are obsessed. (Photo: Joseph Okpako/WireImage)

Washboard abs are back and Top Gun: Maverick is to blame ... or thank.

The stars of the Tom Cruise-led '80s reboot appear shirtless in the film, which is dominating the box office, with one scene in particular — a football game, a callback to the iconic volleyball match — highlighting the male actors's toned physiques. And recently, Glen Powell, who plays Lt. Jake 'Hangman' Seresin, shared a behind-the-scenes look at how the cast prepared their figures for the big moment.

The video features a beachside view of the action flick's leading men showcasing everything from pec-popping to Milly rocking but it is their abs of steel that really stole the show.

Women and men alike were not shy about showcasing their ab-thirst in the comments.

“Is this your gift for Pride Month?” asked Gary Janetti.

“I’d subscribe to this onlyfans,” commented Gary's husband and stylist Brad Goreski.

Others had some serious questions about the logistics of the muscle-fueled scene.

“How much body oil was used WE NEED TO KNOW,” wrote one user.

“How is this free?” asked another.

While the video was indeed free, the men have admitted that their lust-invoking physiques were not easily obtained.

Miles Teller, who plays Rooster, revealed during an appearance on the Joe YouTube channel that he got down to just 7% body fat just for the football scene.

“I usually sit around, like, 185 pounds. I got up to about 210 and I think I was, like, 9% body fat and then I cut down to 183 about 7% body fat for the beach scene,” he said.

Tom Cruise, who can be seen flexing while being oiled up in the video, is no shirtless scene novice and had a much more simple response when asked how he got his body Top Gun ready: “I just did it,” the 59-year-old told USA Today.

Teller’s wife completely leaned into the public thirst for her husband and his comrades, even starting up a “wiggle” trend on TikTok encouraging fans to recreate the side sway movement Teller does post chest bump during the shirtless scene.

“Alright #tellertok show us your wiggle! And yes slow mo is here for you besties #wigglebattle #topgunmaverick #milesteller @paramountpics,” she captioned the post.

While her trend hasn’t taken off just yet, users have been sharing their own impassioned reactions to the scene that just “hits different.”

"#milesteller just hits different #fyp #topgunmode," shared one user.

"He seemed a lil too into that scene," shared another user whose boyfriend couldn't take his eyes off the shirtless showdown.

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