Why You Should Tie Your Keys to Your Charging Cable in a Hotel Room, According to This Viral Tiktok

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Why You Should Tie Your Keys to Your Charging Cable in a Hotel Room, According to This Viral Tiktok

This hack might just help avoid a headache when traveling


Is attaching your charging cord to your key ring the first thing you do upon entering a hotel room? Maybe it should be.

A viral TikTok posted on Tuesday by Armen Adamjan (@creative_explained) demonstrated a series of tricks to use next time you check into a hotel. For those terrified of leaving their keys, or, perhaps even more importantly, their phone charging cable, behind, the first tip is a potential lifesaver.

"Put your keys, car keys, through your phone charger like this so that when it's time to check out you'll remember both," he says as he loops the wire cable around a key ring.

Many TikTok users found the tip to be helpful, commenting things like, "this is great," or "so amazing." However, one user pointed out that they would "probs forget both now." Another agreed, writing, "My dad did the keys and charger one. He ended up forgetting both lol."

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Another useful tip that the creator shared is to make use of the USB ports behind the TV when you forget a piece of your charger or when traveling in a country with different outlets.

"Forgot your charging cube? No problem — just look at the back of the TV," Adamjan says. "You'll find a USB port. Boom!" He then plugs the cable into the port and his phone immediately starts charging.


Adamjan isn't the only viral TikToker who has a few tricks up their sleeve for forgetful travelers.

A KLM flight attendant known as @esthersturrus on the app revealed her top hotel room hacks someone who frequently stays at hotels for short visits. Her video racked up 1.2 million views, and users were particularly taken with her tip to put a shoe in the room's safe during your stay.

"Worried about forgetting something from your locker? Put your heel/shoe in it so you won't forget it!," she wrote over the clip as she placed a navy blue high heel inside the safe.

This genius tip prevents travelers from leaving behind any valuables that they've locked away because their missing shoe will remind them just before check-out.

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Her unique tip caught the attention of many users, with one commenting, "The shoe reminder is perfect." Others saw a few flaws in her idea, writing that it's all fun and games "until you decide you can't find [the shoe] and wear a different pair."

An additional hack she shared in the video was to use a hanger with clips to close any gaps between the curtains for those who are easily disturbed by light — something Adamjan also displays.

She also revealed multiple uses for the disposable shower caps that most hotels provide, such as using them to cover your dirty shoes while packing them into your suitcase, or as a protective cover for the TV remote, adding, "those things are dirtyyy."

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