Why is the UK’s weather so bad in June - and when will summer arrive?

Why is the UK’s weather so bad in June - and when will summer arrive?

Is the summer finally going to arrive next week?

After a dire start to the year weather-wise, many Britons were hoping things would pick up going into the summer months.

But June has so far failed to deliver, with plenty of rain and a lack of sunshine dampening spirits across the country through the first two weeks of the month.

Dr Robert Thompson, a meteorologist from the University of Reading,  told The Independent that while it has been slightly colder in June, the conditions were not uncommon.

“It feels cold at the minute, but June can be a very variable month and so the temperatures we have seen are not that unusual,” he said.

He said that the milder conditions have been driven by a change in the jet stream, bringing weather systems in from the Arctic.

There is, however, hope for sunseekers and those who prefer warmer conditions.  Dr Thompson says the mercury should start to rise next week.

“From next week we should start to see temperatures return to average for this time of year,” he said.

File photo: People try to stay out of the rain in London (Getty Images)
File photo: People try to stay out of the rain in London (Getty Images)

With the jet stream – a core of strong winds blowing from west to east – located further south than normal for this time of year, cooler winds from the Arctic region have led to lower temperatures across the UK so far in June.

But this will change as the stream eventually moves northwards, with it also bringing higher pressure across England and Wales.

Dr Thompson also explained that, while many have felt the weather has been particularly poor lately, only three out of the past 12 months have been colder than average.

Overall, temperatures this summer will end up above average, he believes, after the UK recorded its warmest May on record.

“Things are changing with global warming,” he added.

A spokesperson for the Met Office told The Independent that temperatures across the UK for June were between three and four degrees below average. The next week will remain unsettled, they said, before the warm weather will return.

Met Office outlook for the next five days


Showers continuing to affect most areas through this evening and overnight, with longer spells of rain possible across northern Scotland and then later in the night across Northern Ireland, Wales and southwest England. Chilly under any longer clear spells.


After a chilly start for some, Saturday promises to be a day of sunny spells and showers, these locally heavy, with a continued risk of thunder. Still feeling rather cool.

Sunday to Tuesday

Sunny spells and scattered showers on Sunday and Monday, these locally heavy, but some places staying dry.

Tuesday mainly dry for all. Feeling warm in the sunshine with winds easing.