Why young Americans like me favour Trump over Biden

A young Trump supporter
A young Trump supporter - Megan Jelinger/Reuters

A recently released ABC News/Washington Post poll spells disaster for President Joe Biden. Not only did it show Biden’s approval ratings plunging in the wake of his administration’s disastrous handling of the economy and ongoing illegal migration crisis at the US-Mexico border, but it also showed former President Trump with a 9-point lead over Biden in a head-to-head rematch.

But one of the most striking takeaways from this poll is that Trump is faring considerably better than Biden with younger voters (18- to 35-year-olds) and has been for months.

“Among 18- to 35-year-olds,” the poll reads, “Trump has a slight 53-38 percent advantage (marginally significant at this sample size). Still, that essentially matches what it was in May, and Trump also was numerically ahead in this group (albeit not significantly) by 50-43 percent in February.”

This is contrary to the conventional political wisdom fed to us by legacy media, which says that young people as a group are left-wing.

A November 6 analysis of the 2020 election conducted by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) at Tufts University indicated that 53 percent of eligible youth voters cast their votes during that election cycle. These youth voters made up 17 percent of the total voting public.

According to CIRCLE’s analysis, younger voters who favored Biden overwhelmingly did so because of Covid-19, and younger voters favoring Trump did so because of economic concerns. Reportedly, according to polling conducted prior to the midterm elections, Democrats most reflected the concerns of younger voters, vowing to address health care, mass shootings, mental health, and abortion in ways that please this group. At that point, younger voters overwhelmingly favored the Democrats.

But what does the new data mean for the 2024 election cycle?

Conventional wisdom tells us that younger generations tend to be more liberal, and that’s a fair assessment: spend any amount of time on a university campus, and this will be confirmed. But it’s also true that people are motivated by self-interest and want to have their concerns tangibly addressed.

In no meaningful way has the Biden administration actually addressed the concerns of younger voters. In fact they’re making everything worse.

The administration’s current selling point, “Bidenomics,” is not improving the American economy. Neither jobs nor wealth are being created, and prices continue to rise amid the biggest four-year inflationary spike in decades – while the federal government continues to prioritize social engineering “equity” projects and pumping foreign aid into Ukraine.

All the incumbent President has to offer young people is nonsensical foreign policy, terrible economics, and demagoguery about how Ultra MAGA Republicans are an existential threat to the republic.

Joe Biden cannot provide young people with a vision for the future. His track record speaks only of decay and disarray.

Young voters remember a time when things were better.

In October 2020, Gallup released survey results indicating that the majority of Americans felt their lives improved while Trump was in office. According to the survey, a “clear majority” – 56 percent – of registered voters felt they were “better off now than they were four years ago” before Trump took office.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trump administration facilitated the best domestic labor market in decades with record low unemployment and rising wages; outlined a path to achieve energy independence; initiated regulatory reform to alleviate cumbersome federal oversight; and delivered vital tax breaks for hard-working Americans.

During the summer of 2020, racial animus and Covid hysteria egged on by the corporate media almost tore the country asunder. Decent people were cooped up in their houses for months on end, isolated from friends and family, while they watched anarchists tear apart their cities. All the while, legacy media institutions – where people historically turned for unbiased assessment of these phenomena – blamed them on Trump, his supporters, and their worldviews.

Every major institution bent a knee and raised a fist for Black Lives Matter and reminded people to social distance. Covid and racism were over-emphasized phenomena that cynical institutions chose to exploit for political benefit. Naturally, younger voters were going to have a harder time seeing through the lies and feel a sense of righteous indignation at what the institutions they trusted told them was a grave injustice. Of course, they were going to vote Democrat.

But this time around, there actually are some genuine menaces to daily survival and national cohesion that Americans are pretty concerned about.

Recent data indicates that aside from the generally dismal state of the US government, Americans’ top concerns are the economy and immigration. Illegal immigration is entirely out of control – contributing to a bevy of economic, cultural, and criminal problems – and Americans are increasingly unable to make ends meet.

No matter how liberal they might be by natural disposition, young people know when things have gone wrong, and they know who has been in charge while it went wrong. Young voters remember a time when it didn’t cost more than $5 for a dozen eggs and when they didn’t have to choose between refueling their car or making a student loan payment.

They’re increasingly supporting Trump’s candidacy because this time they want someone who actually can “build back better” in charge.

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