WILD Alberta Covers Swancicle Days

WILD Alberta is a non-profit collaborative regional tourism initiative of GROWTH Alberta, the Regional Economic Development Alliance (REDA) for the area encompassing Swan Hills to Westlock, Barrhead, Lac Ste. Anne County, and Woodlands County.

Last fall, WILD AB began creating promotional videos, photos, and podcasts highlighting its tourism operator members and municipal partners to be featured on the WILD AB website. The WILD website is mainly organized according to the type of activity a tourist might like to participate in, such as Adventure Sports, Golfing, Water Sports, etc. There is also an events section where WILD members can have information about upcoming events listed. Last month Swan Hills’s entry was updated to include Swancicle Days. Since Swan Hills is one of WILD’s member municipalities, the organization decided it would be beneficial to create promotional material featuring Swancicle Days.

Christina Monai, a producer for WILD, contacted Dean LaBerge, Swan Hills resident and WILD AB Committee member at large, to coordinate a visit to take pictures and video and audio footage of the Swancicle Days festivities. The media footage would be used to produce promotional material for Swan Hills.

As Christina lives some distance away from Swan Hills, after taking travel time into account, she was limited to a visit of a few hours. After studying the schedule of events, Christina decided to visit Swan Hills on the afternoon of Mar. 11, allowing her to capture footage of the bouncy house activities at the Keyano Centre and the craft fair. She also wanted to record an audio interview about Swancicle Days to create a podcast episode.

Christina contacted LaBerge and explained her plans. He arranged to meet her at the Keyano Centre and went about finding an interviewee who was knowledgeable about Swancicle Days for the audio interview. Fortunately, Jen Stenberg, a primary organizer of the 2023 Swancicle Days events, agreed to take part in the interview.

Christina arrived in Swan Hills on Mar. 11 and met up with LaBerge at the Keyano Centre. After taking photos and video footage of the kids and families enjoying the bouncy houses, as well as the button and bookmark-making activities at the Swan Hills Municipal Library table, Christina met with Jen in a relatively quiet corner of the building and successfully recorded an interview.

It will be exciting to view and listen to the professionally edited and finished products from Christina’s visit to Swancicle Days in Swan Hills.

Dean LaBerge, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grizzly Gazette