Wild Fox Cubs Cheerfully Play On A Backyard Trampoline

A pair of young wild foxes discover a backyard trampoline and immediately turn their little sharp minds to discovering what it can do. Naturally, being renowned for their intelligence and cunningness, it doesn’t take long for these curious foxes to figure out how to enjoy it!

Three fox cubs are caught playing and jumping on a backyard trampoline in Brighton, UK in this heartwarming clip. How cool is that? The playful baby foxes are having the times of their lives bouncing around on the kids’ trampoline in the backyard! They are having so much fun that we are now thinking of placing random trampolines in the wild so as to achieve the same effect. Kidding, but just imagine that!

Both, kids and adults enjoy the sheer enjoyment that comes from jumping on a trampoline, but it turns out that this fun factor isn’t just limited to humans. Watch in this caught-on-camera moment as foxes decide to test the high-flying device out for themselves. Adorable!

The ‘pouncing’ behavior is used by foxes in the wild, especially when they’re jumping on rodents hidden beneath the snow. This video shows three wild foxes bouncing around, playing, and biting at one another, while exploring the trampoline. Cuteness overload!

This video serves as proof that when foxes are not roaming the forests and fields hunting or outwitting everyone else, they behave just like humans do— they work hard and then they play hard, which we find especially true when it comes to a kids' trampoline left waiting in the backyard.

As these three foxes are joyously playing on the bouncing device, occasionally nipping at each other’s faces, we cannot help but remember John Lewis’s Christmas commercial. It is adorable to witness that animals also want to have a moment of joy and play!