Wild octopus steals tennis ball from border collie

Border Collies are among the most friendliest and most inquisitive dogs around and LUCY is no exception. When she was exploring the tide pools along our coast line on her daily outing, she encountered an octopus who was also very inquisitive. Lucy's ball went onto the water and she made her way to go and get it. To her surprise and ours, an octopus emerged from under the rock and seized the ball right in front of her. Lucy seemed very confused about how to handle this matter but she let the octopus check out her ball without a complaint. The octopus seemed to be in the mood for a little mischief and he wrapped his tentacles around the ball and dragged it under the water. Lucy looked at us questioningly, as if asking what to do next. She's always willing to make a new friend and even to share her ball, but very few dogs ever have such an opportunity with a sea creature. We adopted our Lucy 6 years ago from a farm where her "grandfather" were a world champ as border collie and her mom were a national champion. So Lucy has always been this special dog and cannot be tired out. We take het for up to 50km of trail runs a week and 2-3 hours of swimming in the ocean and tidal pools with her ball. She is really special. Thus said, an Octopus is very intelligent sea creatures who can solve puzzles and very curious sea animals. So there were no doubt that this tennis ball was an intriguing object and she decided to take a look at it and never returned it. After staring at the tidal pool for 20 minutes, hope to see a tennis ball that will rise up to the surface but no luck! Someone is having a "ball" of a party under a rock!