This wild pitch from Korea is possibly the wildest we've ever seen

There’s an official scorer in Chicago named Bob Rosenberg who has the most wonderful wild pitch call you’ve ever heard. Whenever a pitcher from the Cubs, White Sox or an opponent throws a wayward ball, Rosenberg’s voice goes up a few octaves and delivers a dramatic and sharp “waaaaahhhhhld pitch!” so writers in the press box know how to rule the throw. My esteemed colleague Jeff Passan and I consider it one of our favorite things in baseball and quite possibly the world.

Why do I bring this up? Well, 1) I just found out that Rosenberg’s call is not on the Internet, but it should be and 2) I really hope there’s a Korean version of Rosenberg and that he was around to call this ridiculously bad wild pitch in a recent KBO game.

Honestly, not even a 50 Cent fan could explain away these physics …

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