'Wild' Turkey Causes Chaos in Ohio Home, Smashing Window and Escaping Police

A wild turkey that had flown into a home freed itself from a police net in dramatic fashion before crashing out through a window and escaping, footage posted by Ohio’s Miami Township police showed.

The bird broke through the window on October 3, a timestamp on the footage indicated.

An officer managed to get a net around the turkey, but it then freed itself before breaking through a window in a chaotic scene. Credit: MiamiTwp PD via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Did it just fly out?

- If you want to go up. [INAUDIBLE]

- Oh, my god. I'm recording just in case we need it for our home insurance.

- Oh OK. Hey I'll be stepping over here. So the window was shut? Or did it just break?

- Oh the window broke, it flew through the window. That poor turkey though. Oh I feel so bad for it. I feel so bad for it. It's probably hurt.

- We'll see if we can get it outside. Did it just run out? Oh it's out.