Wild weather wreaks havoc on Windsor-Essex animals

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Wild weather wreaks havoc on Windsor-Essex animals

From frostbitten possums to owls with broken wings, an animal shelter in Amherstburg has seen a surge in the number of malnourished animals, largely because of wild swings in weather.

One resident found a hawk in a backyard. The bird could barely move because it was so starved, according to staff at Wings Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.


Thirteen possums wandered out early during a stretch of warm weather, but then were hit with frostbite during a sudden cold snap. 

A Saw-whet owl, a palm-sized bird even when fully grown, has a wing injury after likely getting clipped by a car, said shelter staff. He is expected to heal and be released next month.

Several baby squirrels were homeless after someone unknowingly cut down a tree that hosted their nest.