P.E.I. air quality statement issued over distant wildfire smoke

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Skies were hazy over P.E.I. Tuesday. (CBC - image credit)
Skies were hazy over P.E.I. Tuesday. (CBC - image credit)

Prince Edward Islanders may be seeing and feeling the effects of smoke from wildfires Tuesday and Wednesday.

Environment Canada issued an air quality statement early Tuesday morning for the whole province, saying smoke from the distant forest fires may cause a reduction in air quality.

Most of the smoke will remain high in the sky, casting a red pall over the sun and moon at times. Some smoke may descend to reduce air quality, the statement says.

The smoke is expected to blow over the province in the mid-morning Tuesday and continue through Wednesday morning.

Susan Andrews, a registered respiratory therapist with Island Respiratory Specialists, said air quality associated with the fires should not be a problem for most people.


"For the general population, generally, an advisory like this is not a big deal," said Andrews.

However, Islanders suffering from chronic lung disease, asthma, COPD and other ailments may see a worsening of their symptoms if the smoke gets down to ground level, she said. In that event, she advised those people to stay inside, or wear a mask and limit activity if they have to go outside.

Islanders are being asked to continue monitoring the forecast.

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