Wildrose alleging NDP MLA raised his fists at Derek Fildebrandt

Wildrose alleging NDP MLA raised his fists at Derek Fildebrandt

The Wildrose Opposition has asked to look at security footage that may have caught an incident in which NDP MLA Michael Connolly allegedly raised his fists at Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt.

The incident reportedly took place just inside the front doors of the legislature building Tuesday after the end of the afternoon session.

In a written statement, Connolly acknowledged that he had a "brief verbal confrontation" with Fildebrandt but did not address whether he made any kind of punching motion towards him. 

"I have the utmost respect for my colleagues on the other side of the House, which is why after there was a brief verbal altercation between myself and MLA Fildebrandt yesterday, I immediately apologized to him for my part," wrote Connolly, who is the MLA for Calgary-Hawkwood.

"He accepted my apology and I am grateful that we can move forward and focus on working together in the best interests of Albertans."

But Fildebrandt, MLA for Strathmore-Brooks, says Connolly only apologized for the tone and tenor of his voice. 

"No mention of the threat was made, and therefore no apology was accepted," Fildebrandt said in a statement. 

Security footage

Wildrose caucus whip Jason Nixon said he contacted the Speaker's office about the matter.

He has asked to review the footage while accompanied by NDP government whip Estefania Cortes-Vargas. The party says the incident was witnessed by staff and two Wildrose MLAs. 

"I think any time there is any sort of physical type of threats or those type of things, it's not becoming of first of all, the office of MLA, but it is also not appropriate at the legislature," Nixon said. 

Nixon said Fildebrandt and Connolly were exchanging remarks with each other from the time they left the chamber until they made it to the front of the legislature building.

Nixon said he doesn't know what topic they were discussing.

In March 2016, Connolly had to apologize to the assembly after he was seen giving the finger to Wildrose MLA Angela Pitt during question period.