WildSafeBC looking for Tumbler Ridge coordinator

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WildSafeBC is on the hunt for a community coordinator in Tumbler Ridge, seeking qualified candidates interested in reducing human-wildlife conflicts. Once hired, the coordinator is expected to liaise with conservation officers and deliver outreach presentations to residents.

Tumbler Ridge is bear country, and the primary species of concern for the community.

“Most importantly, we’re looking for someone with strong communication skills – there’s a lot of outreach, connecting with bylaw, connecting with conservation officers, and with district staff to help implement changes that are bear smart,” said WildSafeBC Program Coordinator Heather Richardson.

The posting closes tomorrow, with candidates expected to be selected by May.

Successful candidates typically are invited to Kamloops for training at the British Columbia Conservation Foundation’s regional office for the Northern and Central B.C.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all training has been made virtual, noted Richardson.

“Last year we were really successful in having an active program, but modified to be safe and effective,” she said.

A skill set typically sought for a coordinator is a background in biology or wildlife management, said Richardson, noting while recommended it’s not a requirement to apply.

“It’s a position where there’s a lot of opportunity to make a big difference in terms of preventing human-wildlife conflict and ultimately conserving wildlife in BC and keeping the community safe,” she added.

She added the outreach component of the job may change once provincial health restrictions lift, shifting from webinar presentations to door to door campaigns, and outdoor in person presentations.

Anyone looking to apply can do via their website.


Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News