Wilhelm suggests vaccination centre stops be added to PC Connect routes

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PERTH COUNTY – During the March 4 meeting of Perth County council, Coun. Robert Wilhelm suggested that stops be added to PC Connect routes at the vaccination centres when they are operating.

“That would be a bonus for our residents and utilize transportation that we have in place,” he said.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Warden James Aitcheson.

Coun. Doug Eidt mentioned that several of the proposed vaccination centres are already bus stop locations.

Wilhelm said the one he is thinking of is the Stratford Agriplex, which will be a permanent vaccination centre.

“I don’t believe Voyago stops there and I think that would be a benefit because I know there are some residents 80 plus who have booked times for getting their shots,” he said.

Aitcheson said they will instruct staff look into adding the stops and he asked Mike Adair, chief paramedic of Perth County, if that would be a good plan.

“The strategy is to bring the clinics into the communities where possible so it’s easier for individuals to access the vaccine clinic, and in that spirit of course public transit is something that we can look at,” said Adair. “Certainly, I think the spirit is that we want people to be able to get the vaccine if they want to get the vaccine and that’s super fundamental, so it’s something I would encourage be looked into.”

He also took the opportunity to mention that vaccine has been made available to all Perth County Paramedics.

“We’re really pleased with that,” said Adair. “As you all know, we’re responding to persons that are COVID positive and it’s been a good thing to be included in that.”

Before the discussion by council was completed, Aitcheson was notified that Transit Project Coordinator, Maggie Martin, was notified and asked to look into adding the vaccination centre stops to PC Connect routes.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner