'Are these yours?' Police looking for owner of 'Mr Sexy' licence plates

Are you “Mr. Sexy”? If so, you should contact the police.

A 17-year-old driver is facing charges for allegedly speeding and reportedly using stolen vanity plates that raised eyebrows on social media.

Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said police pulled the teen over in a Maserati on Saturday in Mississauga, Ont. Schmidt said the vehicle was clocking 150 km an hour. 

Police said licence plates with “Mr. Sexy” branded onto them were “unlawfully attached” to the vehicle, and said are looking for the real owner of the plates.

Schmidt tweeted that the situation was “#NotCool”:

If you recognize the plates, the police would like you to give them a call at  905-278-6131.

Of course, people had lots to say on Twitter about this story:

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