William and Emma top annual Quebec baby name list (again)

Have you met a little munchkin named William or Emma recently? Odds are in your favour if you live in Quebec.

The province released its annual list of most popular baby names on Thursday and, once again, William and Emma are at the top.

There were 632 babies named Emma in the province in 2016. Emma also held the top spot a year earlier and was runner up in 2014.

Lea placed second, with 514 babies being given that name. Lea and Emma have been battling for the top two spots for the past five years.

There were 791 babies named William in 2016, ranking ahead of second-placed Thomas.

It was a battle royal after the two names tied for first place last year.

​Quebec's social security agency, the Régie des Rentes, compiles and releases the list of popular baby names annually.

For a full list of popular baby names in the province, visit the Régie​'s website.

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