William Nylander must channel frustration in Game 3

William Nylander looked the most likely to get Toronto back on terms in the third period of its Game 2 loss to the Florida Panthers but the Swedish forward needs to channel his frustration into goals in Game 3.

Video Transcript

- Star performer William Nylander, he definitely didn't start that way, though. Because to start the game, he was almost non-existent. I noticed him a little bit. He got hit by Luostarinen in the neutral zone. That's it. I noticed him on the goal, that's for sure, the turnover or the trip. I don't know. People are saying he got tripped. Whatever, man, the puck got turned over. And he was there.

But as the game continued, I don't know what Sheldon Keefe said to him on the bench or in the intermission. But Nylander went full Super Saiyan Trunks. Because he was the best player on the Leafs in the third period. He was moving his feet. He was making the plays. He set up Tavares for three grade A scoring chances, would have been sick if he finished on any of them.

But literally, it got to the point where it felt that if there was going to be a tying goal, it definitely would have come from Nylander. And I hope he takes this, and he channels this frustration and this anger and this boost that he got, and he brings it to game 3. Because he hasn't looked the best this series. He hasn't looked the best overall in the playoffs. He had the great stretch to start round one. But he needs to turn it up. And this is a great start for him. Hopefully, he keeps it going.