William Shatner dangerously tries to conquer his fear of sharks at age 90

Discovery’s Shark Week featured a very special mission on Monday with Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek, which had Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, on a quest to conquer his fear of sharks by boldly going and jumping into the water with them.

“I am deathly afraid of sharks,” Shatner told the show’s host, Josh Gates. “I really am.”

So Gates started by taking Shatner through a couple of relatively safe visits with hammerhead and reef sharks to ease him into things, because neither of which are known to eat or attack humans. But those were just the appetizer courses, the main course was swimming with potentially deadly tiger sharks, and hoping not to become the main course.

With Gates and a team of experts at his side, Shatner came face-to-face with various tiger sharks while under water, some as big as 15 feet long. And while there were a couple tense moments with them trying to predict when and where the sharks would swim next, Shatner seemed to genuinely love the experience.

“They’re so beautiful, they’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” he said. “Hey, I’m not afraid.”

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