Willing to pick up a little around Calvin Township?

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Calvin Township is curious to see who may be interested in helping to clean things up a little this spring and have launched a survey to gauge public sentiment. The survey link was published in Calvin’s recently launched newsletter, In Conversation with Calvin.

The newsletter will help keep residents informed of upcoming events and may include surveys to get to better know some of the concerns and issues residents may have. The overall theme of the inaugural issue is “building tomorrow by working together today,” a message council wants residents to take to heart.

‘Let’s build a solid tomorrow for the citizens and youth of this community by working together today,” Mayor Ian Pennell emphasized in the letter. He encouraged Calvin residents to act as a “close knit group of concerned and dedicated individuals who truly care about the wellness and future development of this Township.”

Part of banding together is maintaining the beauty of the region, and Councillor Kim Brooker would like to see an annual community spring clean up. The ditches, roadways and parks are usually kept very clean around the township, and as you “drive through Calvin,” Brooker noted, you “see very little trash.” However, council would like to maintain this high aesthetic standard.

“The township can hand out and make available garbage bags,” she noted, to help encourage the cleanup. “The on-going beautification of this community should be a priority for all of council and we should all be proud.”

As for the survey to gauge resident’s interest in pitching in, Aleysha Blake, the interim deputy clerk, mentioned “it’s something new to encourage spring cleanup,” which she anticipates will become an annual event. Right now, the township is feeling out the interest from residents, and no firm date is set for the event.

“We’re trying to do better,” for the community and the environment, Blake noted.

David Briggs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, BayToday.ca

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