Windsor beaches to get extra testing this summer

Sandpoint Beach closed due to high bacteria levels

Health officials will be increasing the frequency of  water testing in the Windsor region in an effort to keep beaches cleared for swimming more days this summer.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit plans to adjust its testing schedule and will provide additional testing for beaches that test high for E. coli bacteria. 

The change in approach came after a request by the Town of Kingsville, according to manager of the inspection department at the Windsor Essex County Health Unit Michael Tudor.

"We reviewed our sampling procedures and we thought we could accommodate," Tudor explained. "Obviously resources and that being as strapped as it is, we could accommodate to resample if the beaches were closed. So we've decided to start our sampling to sample a Tuesday rather than the Wednesday."

If the tests come back with elevated bacterial counts on the Tuesday, staff can resample again on Thursday, in case conditions have improved enough for the beach to be open over the weekend.