Windsor couple wins $100K from Encore selection

A Windsor couple is $100,000 richer and now has plans to vacation in New Orleans after buying a winning Encore ticket.

Jason Brennan and Maria Katzer were recently on a leisurely drive to Leamington when they stopped into Circle K on Seacliff Drive to get gas and water. 

While in the store, Katzer was asked by the cashier if she wanted to buy a lottery ticket. The next day, Brennan checked and discovered they matched six of the seven winning numbers on their Encore selection.

The couple immediately booked a train to Toronto, where they eventually collected their winnings. 

"We celebrated with a nice dinner and the next morning we went to the prize centre to pick up our cheque," Katzer said.

They have plans to pay down some bills, renovate their home and do a little travelling.

"Winning the lottery gives us financial freedom. We can't stop smiling," Katzer said.