Windsor Humane Society 'disappointed' by $500 animal-cruelty fine

A $500 fine for a man who violently slammed a dog into an elevator wall, striking it several times, is a far cry from justice, according to the head of the region's humane society.

The man was charged with animal cruelty in January after being caught on video surveillance abusing Andy the shih tzu. This week, he received a fine of $500, said Melanie Coulter, executive director at the Windsor-Essex County Humane Society. 

"This dog was ... just walking along and was really quite aggressively attacked," she said. "It's hard to watch the video and know he went through that when the only sentence was a fine. That is disappointing."

The man charged was caring for two small dogs while their owner was in hospital. The video was brought to investigators after the incident. It was uncovered during a routine review of elevator surveillance footage.

After the incident, Andy was immediately returned to his owner and was not harmed long term.