Windsor man nominated for Canadian Cinematography Award

Windsor native Matt Bendo has been nominated for one of the country's top cinematography awards for shooting a one-minute Lamborghini commercial.

Bendo, 24, said he's honoured to be recognized by the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, which nominated him for best in branded content.

Besides working as the cinematographer on the commercial for custom exhausts created by YST and Armytrix, which produce for Lamborghini, Bendo also co-directed it with Cameron Bryson and said the pair were surprised by the nomination.

"It was so unexpected … I am so, so honoured to be nominated along side so many talented cinematographers," said Bendo.

Bendo said he has been interested in animation since he was little, but it wasn't until his third year at the University of Windsor he found his niche in film.

"What I like about film is the fact that it's about manipulation, about instilling a feeling into an audience," said Bendo. "I have to manipulate the audience to feeling how I want them to feel and I always found that really, really interesting."

Bendo wasn't the only person from Windsor working on this project. One of his long time mentors and professors Tony Lau helped produce the one-minute commercial.

Although he knows he is up against some tough competition, Bendo says winning the award would be incredible.

"If I win, I have no idea where an award like that could take me," he said. 'That could open up a lot of doors. It could also help me gain a certain level of legitimacy."