Windsor MP Masse calls for airline traveller bill of rights after United passenger dragged off plane

Windsor West MP Brian Masse has renewed calls for a bill of rights to protect air passengers after a United Airlines passenger was dragged from an overbooked flight.

According to Masse, the Canadian government is guilty of dragging too -- dragging their feet when it comes to promises to protect air travellers.

"We've seen the situation with United Airlines ... that's re-ignited the need for proper understanding of rules, regulations and expectations of customers. There's no doubt that airlines have become emboldened," said Masse.

"Passengers rights must be clearly defined and enforced," he added.

Masse, along with NDP transport critic Robert Aubin, has called on Minister of Transport Marc Garneau to introduce a "Airline Passenger Bill of Rights" before the current parliamentary session ends.

"We don't have the strengths that U.S. passengers have right now," Masse told CBC News. "All we're calling for is a fair, rule-based system where everybody understands what those rules are."

Garneau last spoke about his goal of introducing legislation in November 2016 during a meeting in Montreal, but nearly six months later Canadians are still waiting for action, according to the NDP.

"Specific action to protect air passengers has been delayed and delayed," said Masse. "We need to put the safety and rights of passengers ahead of the interests of airlines and we think Canadians have waited long enough."