Windsor OPS applying to Health Canada for sanctioned site

The Overdose Prevention Society in Windsor is applying to Health Canada for a sanctioned overdose prevention site. 

Brandon Bailey, a member of OPS, said their status, which allows them to apply, changed as of August 20. 

"We have received a not-for-profit incorporation," said Bailey. "We wanted to stay grassroots but a lot of the barriers we've had [are related to status]."

According to Bailey, without a registered name and legal address, the OPS wasn't able to work with the health unit or even publicly distribute naloxone to the community. 

Bailey said the response from Health Canada should come within 14 days of applying. 

Flora Pan/CBC

"Right now we're looking to be up and running by mid-October, but that's just our intent," said Bailey. "There's only a certain amount of time we'll be able to be outside [because of the weather]."

The OPS is reaching out to unions and private businesses who may want to help now that the group has their not-for-profit status. 

"If we have people with funding dollars, we'd be able to get into a property," said Bailey. "In Toronto, CUPE bought [the OPS group there] a trailer."

Right now OPS is planning on a tent, but are keeping a close eye on property options in Windsor. 

"We don't want to set up in a residential area, we don't want to be across the street from a school," said Bailey. "We want to find the right location."