Windsor police arrest trio in stolen car after LCBO theft

Windsor man charged after weekend stabbing

Police have arrested two women and a man after they stole bottles of booze from an LCBO store in Windsor on Tuesday.

The women entered the store on Howard Avenue around 8 p.m. and left without paying for several bottles of alcohol, according to a news release. 

The pair then climbed into a brown Dodge Intrepid, which police later found near the corner of Seminole Street and Aubin Road. All three occupants of the car were arrested.

Officers also discovered the vehicle itself was stolen, two of the passengers were wanted on outstanding warrants and other stolen items were stored in the car.

- A 27-year-old Windsor woman has been charged with three counts of possession of stolen property and possession of another person's I.D.

- Another 27-year-old Windsor woman has been charged with theft and two counts of possession of stolen property.

- A 30-year-old Windsor man faces two charges for possession of stolen property.

More charges are possible, according to police, who are continuing to investigate.